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Where We Work

Girls’ and women’s movements have always been at the forefront of driving change in their communities, and Equal Measures 2030 is committed to supporting their powerful work.

We work to ensure that these frontline changemakers and advocates have the funding, capacity, connections, and actionable data they need to effectively influence policymakers and decision makers in their communities and countries.

Each national partner of Equal Measures 2030 has a distinct approach and thematic focus, united by their commitment to achieving gender equality through data-driven advocacy.

Learn more about our national influencing partners:

em-map Guatemala Colombia Senegal Kenya Burkina Faso India Indonesia

    Colombia – Ruta Pacífica de las Mujeres
    Guatemala – ASOGEN

    Burkina Faso – IPBF
    Kenya – FAWE/Kenya
    Kenya – GROOTS
    Senegal – FAWE/Senegal
  • ASIA

    India – SAHAJ
    Indonesia – KAPAL Perempuan

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