Who we are

Equal Measures 2030 is a collaboration of national, regional, and global leaders from feminist networks, civil society, international development, and the private sector.

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Who Are Equal Measures 2030?

Our vision

A just, peaceful and sustainable world, where all girls and women have equal power, voice, opportunity and access to their rights, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our mission

We connect data and evidence with advocacy and action on gender equality, to transform the lives of women and girls and realize the SDGs.

Our Approach

We provide funding and technical support to a girls’ and women’s rights organization in each of our focus countries to strengthen data-driven advocacy for girls’ and women’s rights towards the achievement of the SDGs.

3 Strategic Objectives

Develop and disseminate demand-driven data, visualizations, analysis and tools (including our flagship SDG Gender Index) to monitor progress and hold governments accountable.

Work across our partnership, and in collaboration with feminist organizations and movements, to strengthen capacity to use data in advocacy and share expertise in data-driven advocacy.

Use the collective voice of our partnership and increase funding for feminist organizations to raise gender equality up the political agenda at all levels.

Rapid change on gender equality is possible.

This is our plan.

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How do we work towards gender equality?

By developing and disseminating data, analysis, and tools.

  • Maintaining and improving the SDG Gender Index to robustly track progress on gender equality across the SDGs.
  • Developing innovative data analysis approaches and tools on key thematic issues within the Index.
  • Increasing uptake of the SDG Gender Index and our other data and tools among advocates and champions from various sectors.
  • Connecting advocates with gender data from other data producers

By developing capacity in data-driven advocacy

  • Supporting gender equality advocates’ data literacy, capacity and learning and building a community of data-driven advocacy experts.
  • Providing technical advice to partners to create their own tools that track and visualize local and national gender data

By conducting advocacy in partnership

  • Building long-term partnerships with, and contribute funding to, feminist organizations and movements to support their data-driven advocacy for gender equality at local and national levels.
  • Leveraging regional and global advocacy, communications and event platforms to amplify and support the advocacy efforts of our national partners.
  • Using the collective voice of our partnership to galvanize support for gender equality by government decision makers and other champions.
Countries have achieved gender equality ≈ 1/2 Of countries have a failing grade on the SDG Gender Index >2bn Won’t achieve gender equality targets studied by 2030
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