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Brochure and Infographics

About Equal Measures 2030

2018 brochure provides a short overview of data and influencing priorities and its partners

A propos des Equal Measures 2030

Brochure d'introduction fournissant un bref résumé de l'initiative et de ses partenaires

साक्ष्य से कार्यवाही तक

ऐसा विश्व बनाते हुए जिसमें लैंगिक समानता अस्तित्वमान है और हर लड़की और महिला महत्वपूर्ण है और महत्वपूर्ण मानी जाती है

Acerca de Equal Measures 2030

El folleto introductorio porporciona un breve resumen de la iniciativa y sus asociados

Tentang Equal Measures 2030

Brosur pengantar memberikan gambaran ringkas tentang inisiatif ini serta mitra yang terlibat

Measuring What Matters

Harnessing the Power of Business and Data to Drive Gender Equality

National-level Influencing

Learn how we're engaging and working with girls' and women's rights organisations in our six focus countries

Partner Testimonials

Read what our Partners have to say about Equal Measures 2030

Policymakers and Gender Equality

Read our latest Policymaker Survey

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