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Advocates Survey 2018

In 2018, Equal Measures 2030 (EM2030) and the global researching firm Ipsos MORI asked more than 600 gender advocates about their views on progress towards gender equality, how they feel about current data sources and what issues to prioritize in our push for better and more accessible data in order to better meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for girls and women.

The results of the EM2030 Advocates Survey 2018 demonstrate that gender advocates have different perspectives according to their own gender, with more than half of male respondents (55%) saying the gender equality situation in their country has improved, compared to one third of female respondents (33%).

Key survey findings:

  • 91% of the advocates surveyed believed that collecting data on issues that affect girls and women is not a priority for governments.
  • 89% of advocates agree that achieving the SDGs for girls and women will not be possible without the right data.
  • 49% of the advocates feel that gender equality has neither improved nor worsened but has instead remained static for the past five years.
  • When asked what would help them to use data and evidence more effectively to promote gender equality, 70% of the advocates surveyed agree that they need greater knowledge of existing data and where to find them.


Explore more data findings on the Gender Advocates Data Hub and in our 2018 Global Report.

Download the 2018 Global Report

2018 Global Report and Exec. Sum (ENG)

2018 Global Report Exec. Sum (SP)

2018 Global Report Exec. Sum (FR)

Visualizing equality with Tableau Public and the Makeover Monday community

In September 2018, we teamed up with Tableau Public and the Makeover Monday community to find new stories in our Advocates Survey 2018 data. Every Monday, enthusiastic data visualizers from all over the world are given a data set and asked to improve and strengthen the way the data are communicated. This round the challenge was to #VisualizeEquality.


Explore the data visualizations here!


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