Do Girls and Women Count?

Welcome to the Equal Measures 2030 podcast series!

In each episode we hear from some of the world’s most impressive women’s rights activists on their personal journeys through inequality,
and their life’s mission to re-balance a very unbalanced world.

At Equal Measures 2030 we connect data and evidence with advocacy and action on gender equality, to smash the patriarchy and transform
the lives of women and girls.

This podcast is multilingual, with episodes in English, French and Spanish.

Episode 4: Se réapproprier la narration

Amandine Gay, afroféministe et réalisatrice française, donne la parole aux adoptés transnationaux en France dans son dernier film Une Histoire à Soi pour qu’ils se réapproprient le récit. Elle-même adoptée, elle nous raconte aussi l’histoire de son parcours pour connaître ses propres origines.

Amandine Gay, French Afrofeminist and director, gives a voice to transnational adoptees in France in her latest film Une Histoire à Soi so that they can reclaim the narrative. Herself an adoptee, she also tells us the story of her journey to know her own origins.


Episode 3: Love is a Human Right

In this episode we hear from Sri-Lankan LGBTIQ rights activist Rosanna Flamer-Caldera. Rosanna is the founder of Equal Ground, the only organisation in Sri Lanka actively fighting for equal rights for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and questioning (LGBTIQ) community.

Archive from: Equal GroundBBC NewsKino LibraryNBC News 

Episode 2: Alice Coffin, Amorcer le changement de l’intérieur

Dans cet épisode, Alice Coffin, journaliste française, militante féministe, politicienne et auteure du brillant essai Le Génie Lesbien, parle du féminisme radical, de la domination masculine en France et de l’importance de prendre soin de soi pour les activistes.

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Alice Coffin, Initiating change from within

This episode’s French journalist, feminist activist, politician and author of the brilliant essay Le Génie Lesbien, Alice Coffin, talks about radical feminism, masculine domination in France and the importance of self-care for activists.

Archive from La BarbeAJLNow This NewsCNEWSEurope 111 Alive

Episode 1: Mona Chalabi, Disrupting the status-quo one image at a time

This episode’s  British-Iraqi data editor, artist and presenter, Mona Chalabi, talks about her personal journey and how that has impacted

the work that she does today. Archive from the Guardian and It’s Nice That.

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