RFP: Outsourced IT Managed Services Provider


RFP: Outsourced IT Managed Services Provider

Equal Measures 2030 (EM2030) has entered an exciting new phase of growth and independence, and is now responsible for its own IT infrastructure, equipment, systems, policies, processes, and on-going IT support needs. EM2030 is a small (around 15-20 staff), globally-dispersed and remote/home-based team. At the moment, EM2030 uses Microsoft O365 Enterprise 5 (including the full suite of Office software and Microsoft Teams), OneDrive for individual filing, Sharepoint for team shared files, Wrike for project management, Zoom for external calls and webinars.

EM2030 is now conducting a search for qualified IT companies to provide a full range of remote IT management and support services for the organisation. The vendor will provide the necessary technical services including the following requirements:

•Act as EM2030’s outsourced IT department, including acting as our Microsoft Office 365 Administrator

•Ensure the efficient operation and maintain updated and secure hardware and software for our global team (15-20 staff members) who work remotely

•Provide 24-hour remote support to our staff across all time zones in the world

•Procure IT hardware and software on our behalf as needed and arrange for it to be delivered to our team members in their remote locations around the world

•Set up IT hardware and software systems for new staff members as required

•Proactively enhance anti-virus and security measures and address breaches in the security of EM2030 IT systems infrastructure

.•Work with EM2030 management team to draft and put in place necessary IT-related policy and practice documentation and manuals (including IT access policy, data protection and privacy policy, etc.)

•Proactively identify opportunities for team training and capacity building to maximise IT efficiency, and ensure our IT systems are best supporting our team members and their work

•Minimize spending and maximize the return on investment for expenditures on technology support.

The ideal vendor will resolve operating system, application, software and other IT related issues in accordance with standard and acceptable maintenance and IT support benchmarks. The vendor will have demonstrated experience in supporting Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise solutions.

The successful vendor will be expected to implement and maintain a help desk service that efficiently and consistently responds to the needs of EM2030 staff, ensuring that there is no significant computer downtime during working hours for staff based in different time zones in every region across the world. The vendor will work with EM2030 to agree client service and response time benchmarks and ensure these are adhered to. The vendor is expected to report on the status of IT issues and communicate proactively and effectively with EM2030 staff and management.

EM2030 especially values working with companies and agencies based in countries outside of North America and Europe.

About Equal Measures 2030

Equal Measures 2030 (EM2030) is a collaboration of national, regional and global leaders from feminist networks, civil society, international development and the private sector. We connect data and evidence with advocacy and action on gender equality, to transform the lives of women and girls and realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

You can learn more about our work on our website www.equalmeasures2030.org

How to Apply

Please send a letter of interest introducing your company, your approach, your relevant experience, and customer testimonials alongside a financial proposal/budget to alison.livingstone@equalmeasures2030.org. EM2030 especially values working with companies and agencies based in countries outside of North America and Europe. Please highlight if your company has specific experience supporting small, non-profit organisations with remote teams based globally.

Please apply before June 24, 2022. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and we may select a supplier sooner than June 24th if we find the right fit.

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