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National-level Influencing

Equal Measures 2030 (EM2030) believes that better quality, easy-to-use data and evidence can drive change for girls and women globally and in the countries where we work; This belief drives our national influencing model.

To power advocacy efforts led by grassroots girls’ and women’s rights organisations we provide financial and technical support. Our sub-grants help advocates to collect and better use data – including the SDG Gender Index – on key gender equality issues and to influence laws, policies, and budget allocations. To date EM2030 has disbursed or secured over $1.8 million in sub-grants to our regional and national partners. Leveraging the global reach of our partnership, we also amplify the work of our national partners and ensure our data and evidence gets used to elevate gender equality to the top of policymakers’ agendas.

Data-for-Advocacy Training

Our ‘data-for-advocacy’ training improves data literacy skills and strengthens advocates’ understanding of how to interpret, package and present critical data and evidence on a range of issues affecting girls and women to decision makers. To date, we have trained nearly 350 grassroots gender equality advocates across our six pilot countries, namely El Salvador, Colombia, Senegal, Kenya, India and Indonesia. The training curriculum is being adapted for different audiences and issues, and being expanded to reach more advocates.

National Partner Support

EM2030 further supports our national partners in El Salvador, Colombia, Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania, India and Indonesia, and their networks to better influence decision makers to ensure the right laws, policies and budget allocations are put in place to address key gender equality issues, such as sexual and reproductive health and rights, political and economic empowerment, education, and child marriage, amongst others.

Alongside our national partners, and through the network of our ten core partners, we work to build political will and influence the policy agendas and resource allocation of national governments in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals for girls and women.

Learn more about our National Influencing Partners.

Meet the Advocates

In Indonesia: With support from EM2030, KAPAL Perempuan is building a data-driven advocacy movement to ensure the achievement of the SDGs, with a focus on issues related to child marriage. Their efforts have influenced the district governments to issue guidance in the form of a “circular letter” supporting the prevention and elimination of child marriage. KAPAL Perempuan has also used data-driven advocacy, including the pilot SDG Gender Index, to cultivate a strong relationship with the President’s office.


In Kenya: With support from EM2030, GROOTS Kenya has built the profile of its network of grassroots women so they are now recognised as credible producers and users of data, including by the Kenyan National Bureau of Statistics. They have also been invited to play a formal role in the Inter Agency Committee on gender data statistics. Additionally, GROOTS Kenya and its network have successfully secured changes in policy and budget allocations on climate change, clean cooking and gender sensitive forestry in at least three counties and have had grassroots women appointed to at least eight public committees and policy technical advisory committees since 2018.

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