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National-level Influencing

Equal Measures 2030 believes that better quality, easy-to-use data and evidence can drive change globally and in the countries where we work, and this belief drives our national influencing model.

We provide technical and financial support to local or national girls’ and women’s rights organizations and equip them with data and evidence-based tools to power their advocacy and amplify their influence at national and sub-national levels.

Data-for-Advocacy training

In order to strengthen advocates’ effective use of data, we developed a pilot ‘data-for-advocacy’ training that aims to improve data literacy skills and strengthen advocates’ understanding of how to interpret and present data and evidence to achieve advocacy impact.

Equal Measures 2030 further supports our national partners and their networks to better influence decision makers to ensure the right laws, policies and budget allocations are put in place to address key gender equality issues, such as sexual and reproductive health and rights, political and economic empowerment, education, and child marriage, amongst others.

Alongside our national partners, and through the network of our nine core partners, we work to build political will and influence the policy agendas and resource allocation of national governments in order to achieve the SDGs for girls and women.

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“Working with women empowers me. They go through challenges, but they have power and energy. Even as a young girl, I know I can stand up for my community and fight on behalf of those oppressed.” – Jacinta


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