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From Evidence to Action: Moving the Needle Forward for Girls and Women

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promise to leave no one behind. But millions of girls and women will continue to be invisible and excluded in 2030 without more and better gender-sensitive data to inform decisions and investments that can transform their lives.

And it’s not just girls and women as a whole – some groups of girls and women are left behind because they live in poverty, because of their ethnicity or religious background, their sexual orientation, because they’re living with disabilities, or other factors that lead to added disadvantage. We can shed light on the reality of girls and women who are being excluded or not counted if we are able to close the gender-related data gap through evidence, analysis, and storytelling.

Through our global data and analysis work, including the SDG Gender Index, Equal Measures 2030 aims to provide a global snapshot of the progress being made towards the SDGs for girls and women (from policies and outcomes to resourcing). We believe that by combining a mix of qualitative and quantitative data, and compelling storytelling, we can better drive policymakers to recognise issues that have previously been ignored or not prioritised. Where political will is lacking, a gender equality movement that engages the public with powerful stories and statistics can help build momentum to move an issue to the top of the policy agenda.

We believe that:

  • If we provide increased access to data, analysis, and tools on the progress towards the SDGs affecting girls and women, and; 
  • If girls’ and women’s movements, advocates, and champions have greater skills and capacity to use data effectively, and; 
  • If girls’ and women’s movements, advocates, and champions lead powerful data-driven influencing campaigns;
  • Then real changes in gender equality laws, policies and budget allocations will follow.


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