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How To Get Involved

Equal Measures 2030 was founded by a joint desire for collaboration and partnership.  As a critical part of our strategy, we are always looking to engage organizations, companies and individuals who share our vision of a world where gender equality is achieved and every girl and woman counts and is counted.

Just as we rely on non-monetary collaborations, Equal Measures 2030 could not achieve its objectives without critical support from donors.  With initial seed funding from Plan International and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we have kick-started an exciting agenda for change, but we need additional contributors to help us reach our ambitions over the next several years.

To learn about our partners and discuss ideas for collaboration, read on!

Connect with us.

Stay in touch as we expand our sub-granting model and connect with us to access advocacy-related tools and resources, help us identify key national and regional influencing opportunities, share data with us and support research by and for girls and women.

Work with us.

One of the biggest value adds of Equal Measures 2030 is our ability to work across sectors and bring new audiences into our conversation on gender-related data and SDG advocacy. We firmly believe in the role that corporations and businesses can play in accelerating the 2030 agenda and we think EM2030 provides the perfect platform for the private sector to leverage their skills and resources to make an impact.

Whether it’s through leveraging their technologies to collect data, tapping into their innovation to dissemination messages in unique ways, or utilizing their existing data to tell important stories of progress for girls and women, we know that private sector has a power and an influence that is critical if we are to achieve our objectives.

Invest in gender equality and data-driven progress.

We’re in need of additional resources to continue and scale up our work to put powerful evidence and data into the hands of advocates. Contact us to see how your support could make a tangible impact.

Let’s Collaborate.

One of our core principles at EM2030 is to be complementary, not competing.  We are actively involved through our partners and our Secretariat, in the official data discussions across U.N. Agencies, including UN Women, UNICEF and UNESCO.

Equal Measures 2030 will be working side-by-side with the U.N. to ensure that we can tell the stories behind data and do deeper dives to show what’s behind the numbers, but also to make sure that the data are put into the hands of advocates themselves.


Engage with Us.

To fulfil our mission of turning data and evidence into advocacy and action we are committed to ensuring that policymakers and government stakeholders have the information they need to make effective decisions. With our regional and national partners, we engage government actors at all levels to ensure that we are developing tools and materials that will resonate and inform decision making. See our recent policymaker survey for an example of how we’re engaging with decision makers directly.

Help us paint a fuller picture of progress.

Together we can generate a comprehensive understanding of the lives of girls and women and monitor whether progress towards equality is truly being made. Contact us to see how we can collaborate.

Show us how you make data meaningful.

If you have recently written about or visualized data for your own audiences, share your work with us so we can share it with others. Or get in touch to see how we can work together to bring new data stories to life.

Become a part of the EM2030 community.

Subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and help us to amplify our vision, mission and mandate.

Get Involved!

Whether you represent a government, foundation, company or trust, we’re eager to speak to you to learn how Equal Measures 2030 can complement and support your own strategic objectives and what we can build together. 

To learn more about our work and discuss areas of collaboration, contact Tracy Whitehead, Head of Operations and Engagement at Equal Measures 2030.

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