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Data-Driven Advocacy for Girls Education in Emergencies (EiE) in Africa

Global Affairs Canada Funded project on Girls

  • Equal Measures 2030, and its partners IPBF and FAWE are collaborating in Burkina Faso and Kenya on the Global Affairs Canada funded project “Data-Driven Advocacy for Girls Education in Emergencies (EiE) in Africa.” The project aims to work with women’s rights organisations (WROs) and decision-makers to improve the collection and use of gender data to advance education for girls’ and women in fragile settings within Kenya and Burkina Faso.
  • The project is part of the Global Affairs Canada commitment to the Charlevoix declaration, which aims to improve education for girls and women affected by crises, as well as lead to the collection of better sex and age disaggregated data on education in emergencies.
  • Currently we are mapping and compiling data that is broadly relevant to education/learning of girls/women in fragile setting in Burkina Faso and Kenya, which includes global, regional, national, subnational, and intersectional considerations. With the data outputs we plan to undertake advocacy with key stakeholders in 2021 on the critical role of data driven advocacy in driving change on girls’ education.

Initiative Pananetugri pour le Bien-être de la Femme (IPBF) (partner since September 2020)

  • IPBF is a women’s rights organization based in Burkina Faso who will also be working with EM2030 to implement the GAC-funded project on girls’ education in crisis and conflict-affected areas in Africa.
  • The organization was established in 2011 and is focused on advocating for women’s rights in the legal, socio-economic, and cultural spheres. They are particularly committed to working closely with and supporting the transformative leadership of girls and young women in Burkina Faso.
  • IPBF’s project with EM2030 will explore how the ongoing threats of violent extremism and political instability in Burkina Faso create barriers to girls’ education, particularly for those who are the most marginalised. Their project will leverage existing data, collect new data, and undertake advocacy to motivate more and better data production and use, all with a view to ensuring recent gains in the number of girls enrolled in education in Burkina Faso are not lost.

FAWE Kenya (partner since September 2020)

  • FAWE is a pan-African, women-led network working with EM2030 in Kenya on a GAC-funded project focused on data-driven advocacy for girls’ education in emergencies. FAWE’s work across the continent focuses on empowering girls and women through quality education and training to give them the necessary skills, competencies, and values to be productive members of their societies.
  • In this project, EM2030 will collaborate with both FAWE Kenya and the FAWE Regional Secretariat based in Nairobi. Our joint approach to this project will involve working directly with urban refugee communities in Nairobi as well as with refugee host communities in Turkana county, given the levels of extreme poverty and poor outcomes for girls in these areas.
  • Through this project, FAWE will help to build the evidence base about barriers for girls’ education and will leverage their track record and their network of more than 700 women educationalists in Kenya to use data to advocate for the full spectrum of barriers to girls’ education to be addressed.

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