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SDG Gender Index

In 2018, in response to the urgent need for tools to support data-driven analysis and to hold governments accountable more

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SDG Gender Index presented at EU global symposium on indices

On November 4–8, Albert Motivans, EM2030’s Head of Data and Insights, presented the SDG Gender Index at the European Union’s Joint Resear...

The Glass Ceiling for Women in Political Leadership: Data Confirm Gaps in Women’s Representation

Voices from the Field features contributions from scholars and practitioners highlighting new research, thinking, and approaches to devel...

September 16th of this year saw a significant step towards Indonesia achieving its SDG commitment…

September 16th of this year saw a significant step towards Indonesia achieving its SDG commitment to eliminate the practice of child marr...

Colombia: Using data to tell the story of gender inequality

On a recent visit to Colombia, we met with our partner, La Ruta Pacifica de las Mujeres. Founded in 1996, Ruta Pacifica works with over 3...

Chicago Council’s ‘Women, Equity and Global Development: The Future is Now’ symposium

Participating in the Chicago Council’s ‘Women, Equity and Global Development: The Future is Now’ symposium, Alison Holder (EM2030’s Direc...

SAHAJ’s training on the SDGs

Equal Measures 2030’s National Influencing Partner in India is SAHAJ (Society for Health Alternatives). In May 2019, SAHAJ conducted a tw...

Ce qu’il nous reste à accomplir pour un monde plus égalitaire

Les femmes gagnent un salaire moindre que leurs collègues masculins, sont victimes de violences, sexuelles ou autres, subissent de la dis...

A Woman-Focused Climate Agenda

When dealing with complex challenges, it can be tempting to establish false trade-offs, with leaders claiming that they must choose betwe...

Turning data into insights on progress towards global gender equality

The SDG Gender Index is a data-driven tool that allows gender advocates to explore countries’ strengths and weaknesses, choose future pol...

What must world leaders do to achieve gender equality by 2030?

With the backdrop of economic jitters and strained international relations, not to mention the growing climate emergency, world leaders w...

Who We Are

Equal Measures 2030 is an independent civil society and private sector-led partnership that connects data and evidence with advocacy and action, helping to fuel progress towards gender equality. We envision a world where gender equality is achieved, and every girl and woman counts and is counted.


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