Policymakers and Gender Equality

Read our latest Policymaker Survey

Infographic: Are we there yet?

Data show just some of the disproportionate challenges facing girls and women

EM2030 Strategy Overview

Brief summary of the three main pillars of our strategic approach

Measuring progress towards gender equality

This data tracking tool will aim to monitor a set of priority targets and indicators crucial to girls and women

About Equal Measures 2030

Introductory brochure provides a short overview of the initiative and its partners

Acerca de Equal Measures 2030

El folleto introductorio porporciona un breve resumen de la iniciativa y sus asociados

Tentang Equal Measures 2030

Brosur pengantar memberikan gambaran ringkas tentang inisiatif ini serta mitra yang terlibat

A propos des Equal Measures 2030

Brochure d'introduction fournissant un bref résumé de l'initiative et de ses partenaires