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SDG Gender Index & Gender Advocates Data Hub

19 September 2018: EM2030 launches its SDG Gender index on the new Gender Advocates Data Hub.

About the EM2030 SDG Gender Index and Gender Advocates Data Hub:

In September, Equal Measures 2030 will launch the Gender Advocates Data Hub – an interactive site that brings together our global, regional and national data and influencing products, including EM2030’s SDG Gender Index and Advocate Survey findings.

The Gender Advocates Data Hub will contain data visualisations, stories behind the data, advocate survey findings, partner and industry resources and more.

Data dashboards and country profiles will be used to drill down from the Index to deeper analysis and storytelling on specific themes, goals and targets.

Our interactive and easy-to-use online platform aims to become a go-to resource for evidence-based policy and advocacy on gender equality and a broader resource for tracking gender and development-related progress.

More on the SDG Gender Index:

In order to track progress against the gender equality promises governments made across the SDGs, Equal Measures 2030 is developing a new SDG Gender Index to help track progress across the gender equality issues contained in the majority of the 17 goals. The Index will be in a format that enables us to tell a story of global progress, as well as provide a tool that girls’ and women’s organizations, and advocates can use to frame their influencing on the gender equality elements of the SDGs

 How is the EM2030 SDG Gender Index distinct?

  • Aligns to the SDGs and covers issues from across most of the 17 goals
  • Draws on a mix of official SDG and complementary indicators to measure progress
  • Includes measures of “inputs”, such as the presence of laws, policies, social norms, resourcing and financing, as well as “outcomes” or results
  • Results in a composite score to compare countries’ performance
  • Informs both rights-based and economic approaches
  • Based on consultation with advocates and other stakeholders (from local to global)
  • Available in an easy-to-use and interactive online platform ]]

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