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National Data Consultant – El Salvador

TORNational Data ConsultantEl Salvador (CLICK)

Equal Measures 2030 seeks the services of a consultant with expertise in working to use data and evidence to support advocacy campaigns by civil society organisations, especially small grassroots organisations. The consultant would provide technical and data backstopping and develop data products for national influencing events for Equal Measures 2030 partner organisation Plan International in El Salvador.


Under the supervision of the Head of Data and Insights of Equal Measures 2030, tasks include:

  • 1. Connect (in-person or virtually) with EM2030’s Head of Data and Insights at initial, midstream and project end (1 day)
  • 2. Meet with national influencing partners (NIPs) in person or virtually at outset and on a regular basis throughout the project period (2 days = 4 half day meetings)
  • 3. Develop plan to meet data and evidence needs of NIPs and that aligns with EM2030’s national influencing priorities – not all of which will be undertaken during the timeframe of the consultancy(1 day)
  • 4. Map and collect relevant national official and unofficial data sources and organise data in accessible format (e.g., csv, stata files, etc.) (4 days)
  • 5. Produce data products (for example, headline statistics, charts, infographics, interactive data dashboards) to be determined in discussion with EM2030 (12 days)


  • The consultant should be based in El Salvador and able to meet virtually with EM2030 staff in USA or UK. The work is estimated to take up to 20 days between 25 August and 15 October 2018
  • The applicant must provide:
    • A cover letter, not exceeding one page, outlining your skills and experience that are directly relevant to the work proposed in this terms of reference
    • Curriculum vitae (CV)
    • Cost proposal including daily consultancy rate
    • Three professional references
  • Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled

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