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A world where gender equality is achieved, and every girl and woman counts and is counted.


We fuel progress towards gender equality by making sure girls’ and women’s movements, rights advocates and decision makers have easy-to-use data and evidence to guide efforts to reach the Global Goals by 2030 and leave no one behind.


We work collaboratively and innovatively with a wide range of stakeholders who are committed to achieving the deep transformation needed for gender equality. We are independent, bold, transparent, participatory, inclusive and agile.


  • Compile data and evidence and provide analysis – using a range of quantitative and qualitative sources – to highlight gender gaps in outcomes, measure progress for girls and women, and identify evidence-based solutions.
  • Work with girls’ and women’s movements and other rights advocates, particularly in an initial six focus countries, to influence policies and decisions and achieve the Global Goals for girls and women through evidence-based advocacy.
  • Engage decision makers with improved data, evidence and analysis and advocate for better and more consistent gender data collection, analysis and use to accelerate progress towards gender equality.

Our approach

Millions of girls and women are currently ‘invisible,’ preventing them from fully participating in their communities.

Equal Measures 2030 envisions a world where no girl or woman is invisible.

We connect data and evidence with advocacy and action, helping to fuel progress towards gender equality. That means making sure girls’ and women’s movements, rights advocates and decision makers have easy-to-use data and evidence to guide efforts to reach the Global Goals by 2030.

Data tracker

Our data tracking tool aims to monitor a set of priority targets and indicators crucial to measuring progress towards gender equality.

We will provide critical analysis and unique perspectives based on the insights from the tracker, highlighting gaps – including where data are not being collected or not being disaggregated by sex and age.

Our analyses will rely on the official indicators developed by the Inter-Agency and Expert Group on SDG Indicators (IAEG-SDGs). These provide essential information about the real experiences of girls and women, but do not capture the full picture on their own.

Therefore, as necessary, we will also use complementary indicators from other data sources – including citizen-generated data, data from NGOs, development agencies, and the private sector, and perceptions-based or values surveys – to help paint a fuller picture of progress and challenges.

To maintain clarity and create a manageable and useful tool, Equal Measures 2030 aims to focus on a selection of targets reflecting key issues at various ages and stages of girls’ and women’s lives. The tracker currently includes 47 targets and 63 indicators covering 13 of the 17 Global Goals.


We will campaign for improved measurement, investment and action for girls and women. This includes joining calls to advocate with UN agencies and other international organizations to address gaps in data quality, availability and use. We will also encourage and facilitate the use of data for accountability by equipping advocates with the evidence needed to spur action for girls and women.

We will also join calls for strong and well-financed national statistics offices in all countries, complemented by supporting quality citizen-generated and qualitative data that reflect the reality of girls and women.

In an initial six focus countries – Colombia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, El Salvador and Senegal – we will work closely with those who understand the local context to identify key national and regional influencing opportunities, create data tracking and advocacy tools, and build capacity so that decision makers are held accountable.

Equal Measures 2030

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